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I am beginning to lose the plot with the man I hooked up with just after having left Holborn escorts from  We met at this Swingers party in South Holborn, and at first, I thought that we were going to get on like a house on fire. We have this Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babe arrangement, and at first it worked really well. Now I am not sure that I have done the right thing, and I am considering going back to Holborn escorts.


When we first met, my Sugar Daddy was in  perfect health and just as fit as many of the gents I used to date at Holborn escorts. But since then, he seems to have picked up one health problem after the other, and now I am beginning to feel like a nurse. I know that I moved in with him on the spur of the moment, and looking back, it was not the right thing to do. The minute my tenant moves out of my flat, I am thinking about leaving and finding a job in Holborn instead.


Not only does my Sugar Daddy expect me to nurse him, but he also wants all of the house cleaning done and laundry. I had lunch with the girls at Holborn escorts the other day, and I told them it felt like I was a th cleaner, cook and laundry woman. But there is more, he expects me to walk his great big dog and I am getting fed up with him complaining that his knees hurt all of the time. If you have bad knees you should not get yourself a great big dog like he has done. It is just crazy.


On top of all of this, it feels like I am his personal assistant. He is forever asking me to send this email and that email. I really don’t get it, he has his own business and a PA which could help him. Why does he need to spend the weekend dictating emails to me. Honestly, I would rather get out of the house and party with the girls at Holborn escorts. When was the last tome I had a good night out? It was such a long time ago that I have forgotten.


Yes, I know what the main problem is between us. It all comes down to age difference. When I left Holborn escorts, I was not sure what I wanted to do. Instead of trying to get a proper job, I put up this Sugar Babe profile. I got lots of replies and leads, and I kind of liked this guy. At the escort agency in Holborn I dated rather a few more mature guys. They were fun to be with, and always nice to me. This guy is nice, makes sure that I have money in my pocket and buys me gifts. But I must admit that the relationship has turned into something which I did not expect, and I don’t think it is for me anymore.

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